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Yajat Malhotra
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If you are looking for a way to boost your soft skills and prepare for a successful career in the tech industry or beyond, you might be interested in the Adobe Career Academy. This is a virtual program that offers participants a variety of workshops and activities to develop their emotional intelligence, creative problem solving, and empathetic leadership abilities. These are essential skills that can help you stand out in any job interview and work effectively with diverse teams and customers.

Before Getting Selected

Back in May 2022, my university’s career development cell sent an email about Adobe Career Academy. At the time, almost no one knew what it was. After a fair bit of searching online, all I could find was a small paragraph on the US version of it on Adobe’s website, so this whole program was quite a mystery to me.

After filling out the form, sudden anxiety kicked in. Adobe was the first big company to which I was applying, and I was scared to bits about it. I started preparing for everything I could think of, be it data structures and algorithms or soft skills. Then came the day of the first round, and it went quite well. Better than I expected, to say the least!

It was now June 2022. It was the end of a long day, and just as I was finishing up my internship work, I received a barrage of spam from my best friend. She demanded that I check my mail immediately and THAT was the moment I got to know that I had been selected for Adobe Career Academy :)

Adobe Career Academy

Adobe Career Academy had a great series of sessions. The session that I liked the most was the “Creative Problem Solving” one. It is so not only because the session happened on my birthday but also because I loved the different and creative ways I learned to solve a problem. One of the ways that I loved and even used in the assignment given in the session was to create different personas to solve a problem, think as if you were that persona, and then solve the problem.

I initially found it difficult to complete the assignment, which required us to write "100 use cases of a newspaper," but after using the various problem-solving techniques, I was able to generate not just 100 but 101 use cases.

101 Use Cases of a Newspaper

The other session that I found interesting was “Adobe Business and Industry Reports”. This session was one of the harder ones to grasp, but fun at the same time. It was for the first time that I got to know that Adobe is not only in B2C business but also in B2B.

Adobe has various solutions to satisfy all of its business customers’ needs. Be it general analytics or real-time campaigns to reduce the number of lost carts. It has been able to help businesses increase their sales by a significant amount.

Adobe’s Businesses

The other sessions were also extremely informative. I learned how to approach an answer to the interviewer's question even if I am unable to solve it during the session on technical interviews. Then, in the session regarding goal setting, I got to know about things like the CMR model and the SMART model, which will help me effectively set my goals and then talk about the results of those goals with impact.

After the sessions were over, we were given the task of making a report on our journey in the Adobe Career Academy using their application called Adobe Express. In this task, we were told to use all of the different features that are available in Adobe Express, like background removal, website maker, video editor, post maker, and more. This task was very fun to complete, and if you want to go through my submission, you can find it here.

Adobe Express

In conclusion, my experience at the Adobe Career Academy has been truly transformative. From the moment I applied and went through the selection process to participating in the virtual workshops and activities, I have gained invaluable skills and knowledge that will benefit me throughout my career.

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